Book: Development Using Windows 10 IoT and Azure IoT

Microsoft is actively investing on IoT technologies.

Main contributions of Microsoft to IoT technologies are Windows 10 IoT and Azure IoT.

Windows 10 IoT Core is an operating system designed to run on embedded IoT processors such as the Raspberry Pi.

Azure IoT is the IoT cloud platform by Microsoft. It is similar to Amazon's AWS IoT. Azure IoT provides functions such as device management and data analytics.

Not many books are available on how to develop IoT applications using the Windows 10 IoT Core and the Azure IoT cloud platform. The book authored by Dawid Borycki titled "Programming for the Internet of Things: Using Windows 10 IoT Core and Azure IoT Suite" is one of the few books that can be found. The books is written for developers. It provides in-depth details on how to program the "things" to work with the Azure IoT Cloud using the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). The development tool used is Visual Studio and the programming languages used in the examples are C++, Visual Basic and JavaScript.The book has 14 chapters and is a good reference for developers working on the Windows 10 IoT Core and Azure IoT.

The book is published by Microsoft Press in 2017. More details can e found by following the link below: