Attacks on IoT Systems

IoT attacks can occur at different levels of the CISCO IoT reference model.​​

Attacks can be physical, network-related, software-related, or encryption-related.

Potential Attacks on Physical Devices:
  • Hardware trojan: 
                Malicious modification of integrated circuits so that attackers can gain access to their data or software
  • Non-network side-channel
​                Obtaining node data from its accoustic or electromagnetic signals 
  • Battery draining
​                Send huge amount of packets to nodes and force them to authenticate constantly
  • Physical tampering
​                Loss of information, modification of circuit or firmware due to illegal attacher physical access to nodes
  • Node replication
​               Attracker introduces a new malicious node which has the same ID of a legal node

Potential Attacks on Network Communications:
  • Eavesdropping
​                Illegally capture private information over communication links 
  • DoS
                Jamming radio transmission signals