Smart Home Security

Possible Attacks:

In a smart home, there are numerous connected devices, such as PCs, smart TVs, and gaming centers. They are connected to a router (wired or wireless).

Attachers can hack these devices from the Internet. They may command these devices to do bad things, such as shut off the alarm system, record home owner activities, or steal personal information. They may be able to use the hacked devices to attack other devcies.

The security vulnerabilities arise from exposing unprotected home networks to the Internet, not changing default passwords, not enabling encryption, and not updating device firmware on time. Devcies can also stop functioning when power outage occurs.

Security Measures:

The most important is securing the routers as they are the gateway to the smart home. Devices should be secured by enabling encryption, changing passwords frequently, and updating firmware regularly.

Ensuring smart phones are secure because many smart homes use apps running on smart phones to interact with smart devcies.