IoT Security in General

An IoT system has three levels: device, cimmunication networks, the Cloud. Therefore, security has to be enforced at these three levels.

At the device level, we first need to secure the electronics of the integrated circuit chips ("Chip Security"). We then need to protect the overall physical device which we call it "Physical Security". We further need to protect the data inside the device (security of "Data at Rest in Device").  We also need to make sure only ligitimate  devices can connect to the IoT system ("Device Authentication"). Identities of IoT devices need to be properly managed as well ("Device Identity Management").

Communication level IoT security involves "Access Management", "Firewalls",  and "End-to-End Encryption".

At the cloud level, again we need to ensure security of "Data at Rest in Cloud)",  provide "Data Loss Protection", have "Platform and Application Integrity Verification", as well as "Unified threat management".