IoT Starter Kits

In order to meet the needs of the growing IoT industry, a highly qualified workforce has to be in place.

Universities and colleges are offering IoT courses. IoT training companies are emerging.

An important part of the training is to give students the understanding of the architecture of an IoT system, i.e., how the "Things", the communication networks, and the Cloud work together. This understanding will be made easier if the training process involves substantial hands-on experiments.

At the "Things" side, we need sensors, actuators, microcontrollers and other electronic components. At the Cloud side, we need an IoT platform. Products for IoT training are already available on the market.

For example, the AWS IoT Button [1] is a programmable "Thing" designed for developers to learn AWS IoT and other Amazon services.  It has built-in Wi-Fi and can be configured to connect to AWS IoT. Signals generated by the AWS IoT Button can be picked up in the Cloud and can be used to experiment numberous IoT concepts in the IoT ecosystem. The Button can also be used as a daily life gadget which can alert someone, order a service, order a pizza, or check-in with a Airbnb location.

More advanced  IoT starter kits are available too. These starter kits usually have sensors, actuators, wires, resistors, a breadboard, and a "computer". These kits are usually supported by a free cloud service. Kits that are particularly suitable for IoT learning use Rraspberry Pi as the "computer".  For example, the KOOKYE Raspberry Pi IoT Starter Kit [2] has 14 types of electronic components. Developers need to purchase the Raspberry Pi separately. The total cost is about US$68.  A more complete kit, the OSOYOO Rspberry Pi 3 IOT Starter Kit [3], has 23 types of electronic components and a Raspbberry Pi and costs US$93. In fact, the  IoT kits sold by Amazon [4] makes a long list and has many options.

IoT technologies are certainly made fun to learn because of the availability of the starter kits.

Further details can be found on Amazon: