IoT Sensor Kits

In general, sensors are sold separately, i.e., IoT developers need to purchase sensors for their applications type by type, perhaps a temperature sensor from vendor A, a humidity sensor from vendor B. This is usually not coast effectove.

However, the OctagonStar sensor module package solves the problem. This package has 18 types of sensors in one kit. It is sold for US$25. These sensors are all designed to be used with the Raspberry Pi.

The following are the sensors in the Octagon sensor package:

photosensitive resistance sensor,                     flame sensor,                                                                           tilt sensor,
vibration sensor,                                                          obstacle avoidance sensor,                                             path tracing sensor,
sound sensor,                                                                 temperature sensor,                                                           humidity sensor,
air quality sensor,                                                        infrared human body induction sensor,                  gas sensor,
wireless transceiver,                                                  ultrasonic sensor,                                                                 laser head sensor,
raindrops sensor,                                                         soil moisture sensor,                                                           alcohol sensor

The convenience of connecting these sensors to the Raspberry Pi computer board makes the OctagonStar sensor kit very suitable for IoT hobbyists and university/college students.