Smart Buildings

According to Honeywell, buildings can be classified into the following types:
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Private and government offices
  • Educational buildings
  • High-rise residential buildings
  • Buildings for retail

Different types of buildings should have different "smartness". 

In general, a smart building should be "GSP" (Green, Safe, Productive). 

Smartness in "Green" refers to using clean energy, reusing resources, and energy efficiency. 

Smartness in "Safe" refers to access control, threat detection and response, human and asset security.

Smartness in "Productive" refers to lighting and thermal comfort, clean air, connectivity, and energy availability.

Honeywell has also developed a framework named "Honeywell Smart Building Score" that can be used to assess the "smartness" of various buildings.